Innovative biometric MFA

Asignio is a powerful biometric platform designed to streamline remote logins and secure user accounts

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Increase customer trust

50% of consumers who have had their accounts compromised do not continue to do business with that company

Prevent fraud

Account Takeover (ATO) fraud accounts for more than one third of $45B annual cybercrime losses

Streamline remote logins

The average person signs in with more than 100 passwords and 10 connected devices


A new take on security

Asignio uses biometric MFA to protect employees, institutional clients, and retail users

Best-in-class security to combat fraud

Concurrent biometric security

Concurrent signature and facial recognition work together to establish liveness and prevent spoofing attacks, creating best-in-class security

Prevents fraud at the point of transaction

Biometric MFA does not rely on possession of a device or email account, preventing increasingly sophisticated deep fake and phishing attacks

KYC & AML compliant

Ensure user accounts are protected with KYC & AML compliant authentication mechanisms, including identity proofing at account opening, sign-in and transaction approval


Easily integrated into existing systems

Browser-based interaction

No new app is required to use, allowing access via any browser-based interaction

Access from any device

Asignio can be used across touchscreen devices, eliminating device reliance and re-registration 

API-based, low-code install

API-based platform is easy to install within existing processes and SMS access is easily understood by users


Risk-based security score

A constellation of risk factors (ie. location, user behavior) is measured with each interaction, allowing for customized security tolerances for different transactions 

Configurable, risk-based platform

Secondary biometric mode as fallback

As an alternative when signature is not available, voice combined with facial recognition ensures two biometrics are always authenticated

Fraud resilient where others fail

Web-based biometrics can be used on any device with browser access, enabling biometric MFA in case of forgotten password, new or lost device, and new account opening

Protect the entire

customer lifecycle

Use Asignio to protect your customers for the life of their accounts

New Account Creation


Transaction Approval

Account Changes

How do companies use Asignio?

Deploy Asignio biometric MFA to protect employees, institutional clients, and retail users



Live customer-agent on boarding enables: 

  • White glove customer experience

  • End-to-end identity support through customer lifecycle

  • Secure verification of identity tied to persistent authentication



Biometric protected document signing enables: 

  • Credential secured access to documents and signatures

  • Configurable security to protect important and private documents


Call Center Identification

Establishing secure identity within call center interactions enables: 

  • Remote security to ensure the user is who they say they are

  • Configurable security levels to enable different levels of account protection and account recovery mechanisms, all guided by the call center agent


Step-Up Authentication

Multi-modal biometric step-up enables: 

  • High security transaction protection

  • Eliminate most common attack vectors on high risk transactions, including ATO, phishing and  spoofing

  • Replaces manual security processes


VPN Access

Biometric protection of critical access points enables:

  • High security access to critical services across devices, especially for remote work

  • Eliminates need for expensive and easy-to-lose hardware devices such as RSA tokens and scanners


MFA Login

Biometric MFA at the point of entry enables: 

  • Scalable biometric system for a disparate user base

  • Cost effective biometric system

  • Fraud elimination at the weakest point in the system

  • Increased trust and security for better UX