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Asignio Makes Authentication Secure

Phishing and hacks involving passwords are how most fraudsters gain access to data and systems. No matter how secure your tech is, we all make mistakes: mistakes that lead to email embargos, training, etc. Account takeovers, ransomware and phishing threats are ever-increasing. It’s a people problem. Now imagine a system that turns a people problem into a tech solution....

Asignio uses dual biometrics – handwriting and selfie – to protect you (and your users) from harm. Multi-factor authentication does not need to be changed every few months, doesn't rely on KBAs, SMS, security questions, OTPs or other outdated factors to be secure. Asignio is so secure that you can use the same Sign across sites without concern. Web-based biometrics are flexible and compatible with popular solutions such as DocuSign, Ping, Duo, Okta, Google, Microsoft, Atlassian and more.

That’s the Asignio platform. 

How it works

A user onboards with their  government-issued ID to ensure that there is no identity fraud.

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Secure any transaction with an Asignio Sign on a touch-enabled device.

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The user creates their Asignio Sign and Asignio knows that the person on the ID is the one authenticating.

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Best-in class biometric MFA to access many apps on any device.

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The user is able to subsequently authenticate with their Asignio Sign, no ID required.

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Asignio easily integrates with leading authentication providers and other systems using industry standard APIs.

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Key capabilities

  • Identity document verification 

  • Handwriting biometrics 

  • Facial biometrics (passive and active) 

    • Facial match 

    • Liveness detection 

  • Risk-based security score 

  • Voice verification available as a fallback 

  • API access 

    • OIDC and SAML 

  • Works on modern touchscreen devices 

  • Highly secure

    • Natively multi-factor, does not require additional steps/ services to be secure 

  • Secret-by-design solution is hack and phishing resistant, closing two of biggest security holes 

  • Lower deployment cost

    • Fewer systems, no purchased hardware reduces deployment expenses 

  • Best user experience

    • Fewer steps,user can authenticate on any device, remember by muscle memory 

  • No Passwords! 

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Take a deeper look

Where it works

Asignio is fast and easy to use. It was designed to solve everyday problems that companies and their customers face every day.


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Authenticating customer for the first time

Account Access

Asset 104_300x.png

Providing access to an onboarded customer


Check Mark

When a customer lost their account login

Step Up

Asset 103_300x.png

When a high value account/transaction requires more security

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Find out more

We’d love to tell you more about how Asignio can make signing in more secure.

Asignio is ISO/IEC 27001 certified

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