Asignio is a multi-factor, multi-modal biometric authentication platform:

Asignio satisfies all three standard factors of authentication. 

Something you have

Something you know

Something you are

Asignio authenticates the user with at least two biometric modes at each interaction.



What makes Asignio different?

Asignio improves user experience

Easy and quick biometric, works on any device

Asignio reduces fraud

Prevent ATO attacks and better protect the user

Asignio is easily integrated

Fully web-based system easily implemented into existing authentication processes

Asignio has scalable security

System easily configured for security & compliance across a disparate user base

Types of fraud we prevent:


SS7 attacks

Sim-swap fraud

Access points we protect:

Call center interactions

Changing passwords

Signing in from new devices

Biometric MFA Sign-in

Sign in with ultra- secure, multi-modal biometrics at every point of access, from any device. 

  • ensure multiple factors of authentication are met at each sign-in

  • no need for security tokens, hardware readers, trusted registered devices, or call centers

  • enable secure, remote access from any device in any location (protected by biometrics!)

SMS OTP Replacement

Replace existing SMS-based remote verification systems with ATO-resistant biometrics. 

  • securely authenticate from any touchscreen device via SMS-based link to Asignio web platform

  • replace incumbent 6-digit code systems with fraud resistent biometrics, without adding any friction

  • prevent ATO fraud at the weakest point of customer interactions: call centers, device change, password replacement

Authentication for

e-signing verification

Ensure sensitive documents are protected with stronger authentication access requirements. 

  • ensure secure documents are received and signed by appropriate, approved parties

  • institute stronger checks and balances for secure document access