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The __________
way to sign in

When you need a more secure, passwordless method of authentication

Asignio's biometric multi-factor authentication leverages handwriting and a live selfie to prove it's really you accessing your account.

Securing your accounts is a bigger and bigger challenge every day.

Sign in securely
with Asignio.

How Asignio SignID Works

Integrated with some of the biggest identity providers
in the world

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Asignio for Your Company

User Authentication

Passwordless single sign on whenever your staff or customers need to access high-security information

Send Money

Prevent fraud when transferring money via sender and recipient verification

E-Sign Documents

Ensure it's the right person signing the documents. Seamlessly integrated with Docusign

Account Recovery

To recover accounts the default is usually a password or passcode, Asignio offers a more secure option.

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