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Asignio is a highly secure, and easy to use biometric authentication technology that works where you need it.

The New Way To Sign (in)

See Asignio in action

Passwords are the most common authentication method. The market, however, understands that passwords are a problem leading to KBAs, password quality checks, password expiration, MFA and authenticator apps added-in to bolster security. Fraudsters certainly see them as the easiest way in.

Asignio is a highly secure passwordless authentication system that can close those holes. We use multi-biometric authentication where a user "signs" a set of characters or symbols where a user presents their handwritten sign. Our solution is phishing and hacking resistant and ready to go with your existing authentication platform.

Blue Smoke

When you can use it


Asset 100_300x.png

Authenticating customer for the first time

Account Access

Asset 104_300x.png

Providing access to an onboarded customer


Asset 100_300x.png

When a customer lost their account login

Step Up

Asset 103_300x.png

When a high value account/transaction requires more security


Silky Waves

Find out more

We’d love to tell you more about how Asignio can make your logins more secure.

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