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Multi-modal multi-factor biometric authentication
Asignio browser-based cloud biometric MFA
Handwriting digital signature biometric

The __________
way to sign in

When you need a more secure, passwordless method of authentication
Asignio biometric: The fast, easy, secure, best way to sign in.

Asignio's biometric multi-factor authentication leverages handwriting and a live selfie to prove it's really you accessing your account.

Securing your accounts is a bigger and bigger challenge every day.

Sign in securely
with Asignio.

How Asignio SignID Works

Integrated with some of the biggest identity providers in the world

Microsoft Azure Active Directory AD B2C
Google workspace biometric multi-factor authentication
Okta biometrics biometric MFA
DocuSign biometric MFA e-signature
Atlassian biometric MFA  Jira Confluence

Asignio for Your Company

User Authentication

Passwordless single sign on whenever your staff or customers need to access high-security information

Send Money

Prevent fraud when transferring money via sender and recipient verification

E-Sign Documents

Ensure it's the right person signing the documents. Seamlessly integrated with Docusign

Account Recovery

To recover accounts the default is usually a password or passcode, Asignio offers a more secure option.

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