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Authenticate with Confidence


Asignio is a highly secure and easy-to-use biometric authentication solution that lets account owners in and keeps fraud out. 

Read our latest whitepaper on passwordless MFA:
Rewriting Authentication

With the rise of knowledge-based answers (KBAs), complex password policies, and multifactor authentication (MFA) methods, it's clear: passwords can't protect us. Fraudsters have mastered the art of acquiring passwords—through dark web purchases, brute force attacks, or social engineering tactics—making them the preferred route for unauthorized access.

Asignio stops fraudsters.  

Asignio is a highly secure passwordless authentication system that closes the password hole. We use multi-biometric authentication where a user "signs" a set of characters or symbols to authenticate. Our solution is phishing and hacking resistant and ready to go with your existing authentication platform. If a fraudster tricks a user or call center agent, or steals your credential data they still can’t get in. 

Blue Smoke

When you can use it


Asset 100_300x.png

Authenticating customer for the first time

Account Access

Asset 104_300x.png

Providing access to an onboarded customer


Check Mark Biometric

When a customer lost their account login

Step Up

Asset 103_300x.png

When a high value account/transaction requires more security


Silky Waves

Find out more

We’d love to tell you more about how Asignio can make signing in more secure.

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