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Our Team

“I’m really proud of our team, especially our tech folks.  They have truly risen to the challenge of staying one step ahead of fraudsters.  All are incredibly talented. The senior members have been innovators at many of the largest tech giants since the early days, and some of our newer members are practically savants in their areas of expertise.  


But most importantly is how well they work together. Fast, innovative, detailed, and effective. They inspire me every day to lead this company to greater success, to get our products out where they can really help users transact more securely online.”

—Kyle Rutherford, CEO, Asignio

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Asignio Multi-Modal Handwriting Biometric Signature

Kyle Rutherford



Ben MacKay

VP Engineering


Lamar Rutherford



Erik Hodge

Director Quality Assurance


Dan Staheli

Director IT


Calvin Rutherford

Director Customer Success

Asignio Promise

We believe that users should be in complete control of their biometric data and have a right to steward that online data however they choose. Asignio was designed for the privacy, protection, and security of our users.


Asignio collects biometric data related to handwriting traits & facial features solely for the use of protecting and securing user identity. Biometric data is never sold for the purpose of advertising revenue.

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