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  • Calvin Rutherford

To Selfie or Not to Selfie: Is There a Safe Way to Use Selfies for Verification?

Is there a safe way to use selfies for verification? Many security providers are moving to biometrics, like selfies, to solve the problem of proving it’s really you. Recent concerns around fraud and privacy have come up in the news regarding using selfies for authentication and verification. (See: “I.R.S. Will Allow Taxpayers to Forgo Facial Recognition Amid Blowback”, NYTimes Monday, February 21, 2022, by Alan Rappeport) Fraud: Selfies are at risk of spoofing, including deep fakes. In an extreme case, think Tom Cruise in one of his movie thrillers making a mask to get through his enemy’s security protocols. But, spoofing is easier than creating a mask these days. Fraudsters can create deep fakes simply by utilizing photos that are readily available online, on your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, webpage, and more. Privacy: What are the providers doing with all those selfies they collect? Are they reselling the information or not storing them securely? One solution to the fraud challenge is to use a live selfie simultaneously with another biometric. For example, Asignio’s sign-in uses a live selfie and handwriting recognition in tandem. Even using the best deep fake picture, a fraudster can’t sign in with your handwriting at the same time. Asignio also combats the privacy concern by having a clear, simple policy on not sharing or selling any type of identifiable data for purposes other than access to that user’s account. Asignio stores all selfie data safely and securely using Microsoft servers and makes sure the data is only stored in template form, which simply means the selfie is turned into a formula instead of an actual picture or video. So, even in the case of a data breach, it’s significantly more difficult for a fraudster to decrypt and access the selfie. Selfies can be used safely if the provider has a strong policy to not resell them and ensures all data is stored securely. Asignio puts security first, safely using selfies in tandem with other biometrics to protect you, your accounts, and your privacy. The combination of selfie verification and an Asignio signature safely and easily proves it is really you accessing your account and transacting online.


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