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Putting you in control of your data

A better way to sign-in

The world's first web-based, changeable biometric

Using something as familiar and easy to remember as your signature, Asignio provides a secure, multi-factor, biometric sign-in.

Concurrent biometrics

Using two biometrics at the same time increases security

Widely accessible

Biometrics accessible on any device, in any language

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Web-based platform

Easily implemented with just a few lines of code on any system

A better way to sign in safely from any device, anywhere

Asignio multi-factor authentication enables safe, cross-device sign-in protected by concurrent biometrics

How does it work?

Asignio eliminates passwords and protects your accounts with concurrent biometrics


Choose a unique glyph to draw on any touchscreen device

Facial Recognition

Turn the camera on while you sign to ensure liveness

Voice Analysis

Add voice biometrics to recover your account 

Our promise to the user

Your biometric data is used for account protection only, never sold for ad revenue or any marketing purpose