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Asignio SignID

Meet Asignio's best-in-class, passwordless, multi-factor authentication

Secure every _______________

How Asignio SignID Works


Asignio Sign

Drawn directly on any touchscreen device with symbols, letters or numbers, Asignio Sign is unique to each user.


Face Verification

Taken while the user draws their Asignio Sign, facial verification ensures liveness and adds security without additional friction.

Each Asignio SignID authentication uses four factors of security

Something you have

Your registered device

Something you know

What you sign

Something you are

Your face

Something you do

How you draw your Asignio Sign

Best-in-class security to combat fraud

Synchronous biometric security

Asignio Sign and facial verification work together to establish liveness and prevent spoofing attacks, creating best-in-class security.

Prevents fraud at the point of transaction

Biometric MFA does not rely on possession of a device or email account, preventing increasingly-sophisticated deepfake and phishing attacks.

KYC & AML compliant

Ensures user accounts are protected, including identity proofing at account opening, sign-in and transaction approval.

Browser-based interaction

No new app is required, allowing access via any

browser-based interaction.

Access from any device

Asignio can be used across touchscreen devices, eliminating device reliance and re-registration. 

Switch your users to biometrics in minutes

Asignio is integrated with most IAM providers for plug-and-play setup. Our multiple APIs, including OIDC and SAML, makes configuring pilot users a breeze

Easily integrated into existing systems

Configurable, risk-based platform

Risk-based security score

A constellation of risk factors is measured with each interaction, allowing for customized security tolerances for different transactions.

Secondary biometric mode as fallback

As an alternative when Asignio Sign is not available, voice verification combined with facial verification ensures two biometrics are always authenticated.

Fraud resilient where others fail

Web-based biometrics can be used on any device with browser access, enabling biometric MFA in case of forgotten password, new or lost device, and new account opening.

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