Using Synchronous Multi-Modal Biometrics to Combat Deepfakes

Asignio has designed a secure MFA solution utilizing two synchronous biometrics to combat the looming threat of deepfakes.

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Asignio and the Advantages of
Cloud-Based Biometrics

Asignio has created a cloud-based biometric that is not only secure, but easy to use.

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The Future of Biometrics for Identity Verification

Joe Bloemendaal, VP Global Sales, shares his views on the future of biometrics for identity verification at Identify 2021 with Alan Goode​


SMS-Biometrics: Adding Biometric Security without Reinventing the Wheel

Asignio uses the same rails as current SMS-OTP systems but adds on a powerful security layer with its synchronous dual biometrics

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Asignio Introduction

Asignio's handwriting based biometric makes signing in easier, safer, and more personal


Transaction Confirmation & Approval

Asignio and DocuSign's joint transaction security solution​

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Security Challenges of
SMS-based OTPs

Asignio swaps OTPs with a signature for a secure SMS-based sign in experience.

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A More Secure SMS OTP Solution

The Asignio SMS Biometric Solution​

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