Using Concurrent Multi-Modal Biometrics to Combat Deepfakes


Biometric authentication and deepfakes are waging an AI arms race to see whose algorithms can thwart the other’s. 


​Asignio has designed a secure MFA solution utilizing two concurrent biometrics to combat the looming threat.

Asignio and the Advantages of Cloud-Based Biometrics

Despite the many advantages of cloud-based biometrics, they are often not the most secure. 

Asignio has created a cloud-based biometric that is not only secure, but easy to use.

Security Challenges of SMS-based OTPs

Increasing fraud is leading businesses to add SMS-OTPs as an extra layer of security. However, this method is easily hacked and exposes the customer.

Asignio takes that idea and swaps the OTP with a signature for a secure SMS-based sign in experience.