Passive facial recognition

Facial recognition runs in the background while you sign onscreen. Asignio passive facial recognition does not require any additional interaction from the user-- simply sign your name as usual, with the comfort of knowing multiple layers of biometrics are protecting access to your account.

The patented Asignio signature utilizes handwriting recognition to verify your identity. Asignio measures both the shape of the letters you draw, as well as the timing of each stroke in your signature. Our innovative recognition algorithms ensure you are who you say you are at the moment of each transaction.

Biometric signature

Voice recognition

Voice analysis recognizes unique attributes of your voice. Voice biometrics are activated as a step-up mechanism to the proprietary signature biometric. Rather than relying on weak passwords or security questions, Asignio voice provides a fail-safe account access mechanism.

Asignio utilizes an innovative risk scoring system, aggregating multiple security factors in addition to patented biometrics:

Behavior tracking


Machine learning

ID verification

Asignio in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Asignio uses your camera to recognize your facial features. 

Step 2

Asignio analyses your handwriting to recognize your signature. 

Step 3

Asignio analyzes your passphrase to recognize your voice. 


We believe that users should be in complete control of their biometric data and have a right to steward that online data however they choose. Asignio was designed for the privacy, protection, and security of our users.


Asignio collects biometric data related to handwriting traits & facial features SOLELY for the use of protecting and securing user identity. Biometric data is never sold for the purpose of advertising revenue.