One biometric platform for every sign-in

Safely & easily access your account, no matter what device you use

Asignio biometrics

Biometric Signature

Drawn directly on any touchscreen device, your Asignio signature is unique to you: you choose what to draw, and only you know how to draw it. 

Biometric Passive Facial Recognition

Measured while you are drawing your signature or recording your voice, Asignio facial recognition operates in the background to ensure liveness without additional friction. 

Biometric Voice Recognition

Recorded on any device with a microphone, your Asignio voice phrase recognizes your voice through a series of random words. 

The Signature

Measures characteristics such as: 

  • timing of strokes

  • shape of curves

  • number of overlaps

The Voice Biometric

Measures characteristics such as: 

  • inflections in tone

  • speed of recitation

  • patterns of speech

The Passive Facial Recognition

Measures characteristics such as: 

  • distance between your eyes

  • eye movement in screen

  • width of chin

Biometric MFA features

Simple and accessible security

Concurrent biometrics to combat fraud

Authenticating two biometrics at once combats even the most difficult forms of fraud (deep fakes, network-based attacks, phishing)

Single, upfront registration for universal access

Record your biometrics once to unlock safe account access on any device in the future. Desktop, mobile, lost phone, library computer? No problem. 

Simple integration to enroll every user

MFA-based biometrics are accessed via API, enabling simple integration to existing systems, and easily understood SMS enrollment for the user

Security your users will enjoy

Seamless and easy to use for the everyday user

Choose the way to sign-in that works for you

Use your signature or your voice, at home or at the grocery store. 

Register once upfront… and never again

Browser-based biometrics only need a single upfront enrollment.

New computer? Lost phone? No problem.

Use Asignio on any device— mobile, desktop or tablet

How to get started:

It only takes a few minutes to enroll biometrics and enable secure account access. 

1. Book a free, 20-minute call with an Asignio expert

2. Create your unique biometrics

3. Enable biometrics in your favorite application

4. Login safely & securely!