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One Biometric Signature for Every Sign-In

Safely and Easily Access Your Account, No Matter What Device

Signatures, used for centuries to prove one’s identity, can now be used across all devices to authenticate your customers.

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Asignio Multi-Factor Authentication

Give your customers a simple, familiar solution for more secure access to their accounts.


Customers register only once

to unlock safe account access

on all devices

Simple API  integration

easily added to existing systems


Using two biometrics at once combats fraud; deep fakes, network-based attacks, and phishing

Changeable biometric allows user to change their sign on in case of a compromised data base or breach


Handwriting-based sign-in is familiar and easy to remember


No App to download – easy and familiar SMS enrollment

"Asignio's unique multi-factor approach to dynamic signature verification has presented an intriguing alternative from the beginning. The blend with selfie-style face biometrics only makes Asginio's approach richer and more compelling."


Kevin W. Bowyer

Schubmehl-Prein Family Professor, University of Notre Dame

Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Transactions on Biometrics, Behavior and Identity Science

The World's First Changeable Biometric

Face Verification


Taken while drawing their signature or recording their voice. Facial verification ensures liveness without additional friction.

Key Security Measures:

Distance between eyes

Eye movement on screen

Width of chin

Personal Signature


Drawn directly on any touchscreen device. Unique to the user. Symbols and initials in any language or style. No more passwords.

Key Security Measures:

Timing of strokes 

Shape of curves 

Number of overlaps

Voice Analysis


Recorded on any device with a microphone. Voice is recognized through a series of words. Eliminates passwords for account recovery

Key Security Measures:

Inflections in tone

Speed of recitation

Patterns of speech

“Dynamic signature recognition is a special biometric modality in a sense that the spoofing detection is part of the method itself. This is because effective skilled forgeries require mimicking dynamics of the handwriting, what is almost impossible by just observing the static signature on a paper or on a screen. This adds additional layer of security to the identity verification approach used by Asignio.”

Adam Czajka, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering University of Notre Dame, USA

Vice President, Finances, IEEE Biometrics Council

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Deploy Asignio Biometric MFA to Protect Employees, Institutional Clients and Retail Users

Asignio Products

MFA 2.0

Multi-Factor Authentication with our Synchronous Dual Biometric

At the core of any Asignio product is authenticating the user with our Synchronous Dual Biometric Authentication

Learn more

SMS Biometric

A more secure add-on or replacement for SMS OTP

(one-time-passcodes) text verifications.

Enhance or replace your current SMS OTP systems by adding a layer of biometric security.


Use the same SMS OTP system already familiar to users for account access or transacting.

Learn more

DocuSign Document Authentication

Transaction Confirmation & Approval, the DocuSign + Asignio joint solution, adds a layer of security for transactions.

Verifies the user via Asignio’s biometric authentication within DocuSign’s document signing system.

Ensures transactions like electronic funds transfers go to the correct recipient.

Learn more


Best-in-Class Security to Combat Fraud

Biometric Security

Synchronous signature and facial verification work together to establish liveness and prevent spoofing attacks, creating best-in-class security.

Prevents Fraud At
The Point Of Transaction

Biometric MFA does not rely on possession of a device or email account, preventing increasingly sophisticated deep fake and phishing attacks.


Ensure user accounts are protected, including identity proofing at account opening, sign-in and transaction approval.

For more information about Asignio contact us here

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