Adaptive recognition with hundreds of algorithms, a few simple strokes, and a biometric identifier with infinite possibilities.


Asignio is a signature-based security technology used to identify who you are.

Biometric Signature


Asignio establishes a handwriting biometric through complex algorithms measuring the shape and timing of strokes drawn on screen.

Dynamic Security


Asignio layers in additional security with passive facial recognition (PFR). 

Multi-modal Biometrics


One of the most unique aspects of Asignio’s biometric signature is its machine learning capability.

Adaptive Recognition


Universal Platform

Asignio is designed to be universally accessible for all users. 


Asignio is designed for authentication at scale across a disparate user base. 

Scalable Authentication


Fraud Resistance

A gesture-based biometric is especially fraud resistant because the biometric traits measured are changeable.