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One ________ way
to sign into anything

Keep yourself secure with Asignio's
passwordless, dual biometric authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication

 Multi-factor authentication uses multiple different types of information simultaneously to confirm your identity. The main three are:

Something you have

Something you know

Something you are

Asignio SignID uses all three factors to confirm your identity + another layer

Something you have

Your ID verified account

Something you know

What you sign

Something you are

Your face

Something you do

How you draw your Asignio Sign

By layering multiple forms of authentication and two biometrics at once, Asignio provides industry leading multi-factor authentication.

Your Asignio Sign

Your Asignio Sign is a set of letters, numbers, or symbols that you set up when you onboard with Asignio.

During onboarding you will draw your chosen combination of symbols, letters and/or numbers on a touch screen to set up your Asignio Sign. Then you will be able to use it along with your selfie to authenticate.

2023 Auth 2.png
2022 2.png
2023 Auth 1.png
2023 Auth 3.png

The most secure Asignio Signs are something you can easily remember, drawn big on the screen, and have overlapping elements.

Request Asignio

Asignio integrates with multiple partners to bring you a better way to sign in.

We are currently working primarily in the financial services and corporate environments but if you have a place you would like to see Asignio used click here and request us!

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