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The healthcare industry is under constant attack from cybercriminals. The healthcare sector is now one of the most targeted by cyberattacks, with the average cost of a healthcare data breach costing 10.1 million USD. Healthcare organizations hold a wealth of sensitive data, including patient records, medical histories, and insurance information, which is valuable to fraudsters, who can use it to commit fraud or sell it on the black market. To protect their data, healthcare organizations need to implement strong security measures.


Asignio’s MFA solution for the healthcare industry is resistant to the most common type of cybercrime in healthcare: phishing. Asignio MFA adds an extra layer of security by requiring users to authenticate via an Asignio Sign, which is fast, easy, and secure. Implementations of Asignio MFA can be used for prescription management, doctor verification, shared medical devices, medical services, operations verification, and more.


Healthcare use cases span from hospitals, to medical schools, to health insurance companies. With all cases requiring lawful protection of patient records and sensitive documentation, the following Asignio products under the Asignio SignID umbrella can assist with these operations:


Asignio PayID to secure payments and reduce fraud

Asignio E-SignID to ensure the right person is accessing and signing documents

Asignio RecoverID to simplify and secure your call center and account recovery processs

Asignio EduID to reduce account takeover risk and support costs for students and faculty.

Secure your doctors and patients with Asignio.

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