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Financial Services


Verified identity is crucial in the financial services industry, as it ensures the right person is accessing the right accounts, funds, and documents. Last year, account takeover fraud was up almost 300%, and consumers lost $5.8 billion to fraud, up 200% from the previous year.


Asignio MFA provides a cloud-based solution that combats fraud at the source. Resistant to phishing, deepfakes, sim swaps, and SS7 attacks, Asignio’s signature biometric solution provides bank-level security to anyone conducting financial business, personal or professional. Verify user authenticity in any situation that requires identity verification, from single sign-on and wealth management to credit applications and document approval. Users and customers in the financial services industry are vulnerable to cybercrimes and fraud—protect them with Asignio.


Financial service companies can utilize multiple Asignio products under the Asignio SignID umbrella to secure financial activities.

Asignio PayID to secure payments and reduce fraud

Asignio E-SignID to ensure the right person is accessing and signing documents

Asignio RecoverID to simplify and secure your call center and account recovery process

Secure your finances with Asignio.

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