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Public and private educational institutions are under constant threat of account phishing and fraud attacks. Students, faculty, and staff should be allowed to focus on their education intuitions and their studies, but due to these persistent fraudulent threats, time and money are spent on password resets, device enrollment, and additional recovery mechanisms.


With Asignio, users can sign in to their accounts with a cloud-based passwordless multifactor authentication solution that is simple to use, and phishing resistant. Additionally, Asignio can integrate with many existing big-name identity and access management (IAM) companies, enabling your users to have the best of both worlds by having the robustness and scalability of the IAM solutions and the added security and convenience of Asignio.


Combating phishing attempts, insitutions can utilize Asignio EduID which will reduce account takeover risk and support costs for students and faculty. Asignio EduID is a featured product under the Asignio SignID umbrella.

Secure your institutions with Asignio.

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