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Asignio’s biometric solution has been designed to combat one of the military’s most existential threats: fraud. Last year, over 260 million USD was lost due to cybercrimes and fraud attacks against veterans, military members, and personnel. This was a yearly increase north of 65%.


Asignio MFA provides a passwordless authentication experience with patented signature technology, delivering state-of-the-art and industry-leading fraud resistance. A mobile, upgraded solution to PIV and CAC card to verify the user, Asignio can be used in a range of scenarios, from base access to mission-on-the-move scenarios.


Defense operations require versatile tactics and techniques. With Asignio SecureID, military-grade authentication technology is used to ensure that those same virtues of versatility are on full display to combat fraud. Asignio SecureID is a featured product under the Asignio SignID umbrella, along with the following products that will help combat fraud for the military:

Asignio PayID to secure payments and reduce fraud

Asignio E-SignID to ensure the right person is accessing and signing documents

Asignio RecoverID to simplify and secure your call center and account recovery process

Secure your access with Asignio.

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