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Asignio offers a cloud-based passwordless multifactor authentication solution that is simple-to-use, yet highly secure. Asignio MFA is specifically designed to protect from the threats of cybercrime and fraud. Passwordless MFA is the wave of the future, and Asignio is leading the way with patented signature technology.


With our solution, corporations and governments can securely authenticate users, prevent account takeover attempts, recover lost or stolen accounts/credentials, and protect sensitive documents from prying eyes. Without Asignio, corporations and governments risk extremely high dollar losses to fraud and stolen credentials.


Corporate teams and the governing bodies for businesses can utilize multiple Asignio products under the Asignio SignID umbrella to reduce fraudulent activity. 

Asignio PayID to secure payments and reduce fraud

Asignio E-SignID to ensure the right person is accessing and signing documents

Asignio RecoverID to simplify and secure your call center and account recovery process

Secure your users with Asignio.

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