Sign in, authorize transactions, and recover compromised accounts.


Re-Securing 6-Digit SMS Authentication
6-digit codes are the most widely adopted form of two-factor authentication, but they are susceptible to man-in-the-middle-phishing, and SS7 attacks & sim-swap fraud.
Asignio re-secures SMS-based authentication by replacing the vulnerable 6-digit code with your unique biometric signature. 


Identity & account security starts with proper account onboarding. Companies need to establish who the physical user is, not just that a user is present.


Asignio’s onboarding system pairs ID verification services with robust, multi-modal biometrics to establish who the user is, biometrically tie sign-in credentials to their account, and seamlessly secure user access to your systems.


PSD2 Compliant 3-Factor Authentication

Effective September 14, 2019, PSD2 will require two-factor authentication on all online transactions over 50 euros in the EU.
Asignio’s biometric signature provides PSD2 compliant multi-factor authentication with scalable onboarding, cross device authentication, and enables seamless, secure web transactions. 

Account Recovery

Users forget passwords, KBAs, & account numbers. They constantly change and lose devices. Asignio’s biometric isn’t tied to any specific device or account, allowing us to

continuously protect user accounts no matter where the user is—or what they’ve lost.


Seamlessly manage security & fraud risk with Asignio’s biometric-based multi-factor authentication that continuously monitors and protects at risk user accounts.