Elevate your signature with enterprise grade security.



Asignio collects biometric data related to handwriting traits & facial features SOLELY for the use of protecting and securing user identity. Biometric data is never sold for the purpose of advertising revenue.


We believe that users should be in complete control of their biometric data and have a right to steward that online data however they choose. Asignio was designed for the privacy, protection, and security of our users.


Leadership Team

Kyle Rutherford (CEO/Founder)

Eric Dustrude (Senior Software Architect)

Erik Hodge (Senior Software Architect)

Ben MacKay (Senior Software Architect)

Yair Abed (Sales & Business Development)

Board of Advisors

Jim DuBois (former CIO, Microsoft)

Richard Lyons (former EVP, Mastercard)

Kevin Bowyer (Professor of Computer Science & Biometrics Specialist, University of Notre Dame)


We are constantly looking for passionate, curious and dedicated employees to join our fast-growing team. Please reach out to calvin.rutherford@asignio.com about potential opportunities.

Contact Us

500 108th Ave

Suite 1100

Bellevue, WA 98004

For questions and inquiries, please reach out to support@asignio.com