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Use Cases

Account Recovery

Authenticate via Asignio to reset and/or recover forgotten credentials of other authentication types & methods.

Step Up Authentication

Asignio verifies users across all their touch screen devices, and is tailored to meet specific customer use cases.


Verifying the user during the e-signature process.


E-commerce, subscriptions, and online purchases authenticated with Asignio to validate authenticity.

Fraud Prevention

Prevention for SS7 attacks, and sim swaps. Solution for OTP’s (one-time passcodes).

SSO (Single Sign On)

Asignio for B2B2C and B2B2E models.

IDV (Identify Verification)

IDV is enhanced by Asignio, by adding an extra layer of identity to the IDV process.

User Verification

Verifies the user, not the device. This use case will look different depending on each industry.

Money Transfers

Money and wire transfer authenticated with Asignio to validate authenticity.

Shared Device

Multiple users sharing one device for a specific industry. User selected their name from a list of approved users and authenticates via Asignio on the device to utilize.

Financial Applications

Asignio validates user authenticity for credit applications, opening & managing a bank account, and many more financial operations.

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